Monday, August 6, 2012

Simple Precautions To Take While We Buy Gold From Any Gold Shop

Gold is one of the dazzling precious metals having apt allure for preservation in jewelry form among most of us. This trend of using gold as ornamental use is exist in our culture since along past. While all of us are interested to buy gold as a precious metal in jewelry form, there are certain simple precautions we must practice to make our purchase worth the value we intend to spend.

I have detailed the precautionary measures that we must practice before we buy gold. With profuse availability of online gold stores, we can even take a good purchase decision while we intend to buy gold.

Check for the carat rating: Gold in its purest form is quite soft and is not convenient to use as an ornamental purpose. There need be some amount of impurities to make gold strong enough to carve jewelry designs on its surface and body. Purest form of gold comes as 24 carat. Any impurities added with gold lessen its carat rating and thus results in a reduction in pricings. Many gold shops calculate the weight of the jewelry and cost it as per the prevailing prices for 24 carat gold. This increases the purchase price while you purchase lesser value of gold. In such buying you have to offer more money for gold of lesser carat rating.

Check for the hallmarks: Hallmarked gold always retain prevailing market prices as it is qualitatively pure form of gold with predefined impurities. 18 carat hallmark gold is actually an 18 carat gold. This hall mark system was introduced in Gold trading so as to maintain uniformity in quality and pricing of the gold. Keeping a check on hallmark we will spend right amount of money for gold we buy.

Test the quality and purity of gold before buying: There are many advanced facilities are there which offer you to test instantly about the quality and purity of gold. You can take advantages of such services with very nominal charges to test for the purity of the gold before buying gold.

Try out an acid test: There certain chemicals, particularly some acid which remain unchanged while come in contact with gold. But these acids can reacts if the gold, which you are buying, contains some form of impurities. So by doing an acid test you can make yourself aware about the quality of the gold.

Get a magnetic test done: Normally this is one of the most convenient methods in some cases while you try to test your gold. Gold is a non-magnetic substance, so it won't be attracted towards a magnet when you bring it near a magnet. So if your gold contains some of the magnetic impurities it will be easily attracted towards the gold. You can make a finer judgment with this test as well.
There are various other methods to test the purity of gold. By making a judgmental decision and sourcing out a reliable vendor you can always purchase good quality gold with apt value. You money for gold will be worth spending with these simple precautions.

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